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Kroger is the largest American Retail Chain that has the biggest workforce. To handle its associates and employees, the group has created an online portal called and the focus of this site is to manage things simpler for the employees and associates. The online portal is designed to allow the workforce of the retail chain to access the news and information about the company. It can only be used by the associates and employees of the group. But, the employees need to have the login credential to successfully login and access the site to the fullest. The login credentials would be provided to the associates and employees by the HR of the retail store after joining the workforce. Information like pay stubs, working schedules, program benefits, updates and news related to the company and more can be accessed through this portal.

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As mentioned, is mainly designed for the employees and associates of Kroger and they are only authorized to make use of this portal. But, before logging into the portal you need to know the login requirements for the portal.

1. You are required to have a Smartphone and Laptop to login successfully
2. To access the portal the respective device needs to be connected to the high speed internet
3. The Enterprise ID and Password is needed which will be provided by the HR Department of the store

If you have secured all these abovementioned things you can start with the login process and below is the step by step guide to login successfully on

1. Firstly you need to ensure that the device on which you will login is connected to internet
2. Open the browser on the device and manually enter the website address in the address bar of the browser and you will be redirected to the official website of Kroger with the login page
3. Now in the login page you will be asked to provide the Enterprise ID and the password
4. Enter the credentials for successful login
5. After entering the credentials click on “Sign In” button
6. If the details provided are right you will be redirected to the dashboard of the website

Now you can access the information, news, check working schedules, updates, salary, benefit programs and pay stubs and more.

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